Nur Ilham | Creative Director

A creative visionary, Ilham views the world in many colourful perspectives. A writer who has garnered many awards in the Malay literary arts scene, Ilham is also experienced in theatre and television production. His experience with media production have started since his junior college days, when he was selected to intern with MediaCorp News, and since then, he has worked with various media platforms. Media Mavericks is his brainchild, as a platform to engage in the execution of fresh and exciting projects as well as opportunities to collaborate with creative and passionate people.

Firdaus | Production Director

At the age of 18, Firdaus became a photography addict, when he bought his first DSLR camera, and found his true calling in photography. Fast forward to today, he has established his niche in using photography as a creative medium to tell stories that convey the mood and emotions of precise events. With a keen eye in capturing timeless moments of beauty and grace, Firdaus’s forte is in urban landscapes and travel photography. However, as a true romantic, wedding photography have always hold a special place in his heart. With Media Mavericks, he aspires to bring fresh and innovative ideas to our clients in meeting their unique objectives through the lens.

Md. Yasser | Business Development Director

With vast experience in product development and projects management, Yasser’s attention to details ensure the high standards and timely execution of Media Mavericks’ projects. Trained in finance and the natural ability to turn even the most demanding situations into a walk in the park, Yasser recognises that every organization and community has unique needs. With his objective-centred approach, he strives to cater to our clients in the most effective way possible. Yasser is also responsible in the development of Media Mavericks’ expansion plans as well as creating business opportunities with educational and media organizations.



Design has always been part of Ray’s life, so aesthetics has always been integral in his approach to creative production. This passionate visual communicator has had industrial experience in graphic design, photography and videography. To date, Ray produced documentaries, advertisements and infographic videos, spearheading the creative direction and execution, editing and post-production. He believes that moving visuals is a powerful medium to engage audiences and offers a holistic experience to the viewers. Always ready to experiment and bring in fresh ideas to the table, with Media Mavericks, Ray advocates working closely with his clients to achieve creative consensus to serve their best interests.

Mr. & Mrs. Cleo | Photographers

Sharing their love for photography like how they share their lives together, Mr. and Mrs Cleo makes for an interesting partnership as they have been shooting beautiful photos together, ever since their dating days. As they capture every timeless moment of their life’s journey together, this lovey-dovey couple also aspires to inject romance and nostalgia in the lives of other couples through photography. Pre-weddings, engagements and wedding photography is their forte and their pictures always seem to tell stories either through their skilful choreography or simply with their innate ability to capture natural, raw emotions. With Media Mavericks, Mr. and Mrs Cleo aim to bring a unique photography experience to all of our clients.